Georges Dorignac

1879 Bordeaux – Paris 1925

  • Portrait-masque


  • Black chalk on paper, ca. 1912

    Studio’s mark georges dorignac

  • Size

    560 x 440 mm

  • Provenance

    Artist’s heirs, thence by descent, France

  • Literature

    Jean-Gabriel Lemoine Lemoine, “Georges dorignac. Peintre et décorateur”, in Au Musée de peinture de Bordeaux. Identifications. Remises au jour. Enrichissements, Bordeaux, 1942, pp. 172-178

    Jacques Sargos, “Journal d’un collectionneur. Georges Dorignac”, in Le Festin, no. 14, June 1994, pp. 6-7

    Alice Massé, Georges Dorignac, 1879-1925. Le trait sculpté, Roubaix, 2016-17, p. 138 (ill.)

  • Exhibition

    Roubaix, Musée de La Piscine, Georges Dorignac 1879-1925. Le trait sculpté, Nov.-March 2016, cat. 43

  • Reference

    Marie-Claire Mansencal, Georges Dorignac, le maître des figures noires, Paris, 2016, D.38

This drawing called Portrait-Mask has an unprecedented expressive power along with a massiveness of volumes. Two characteristics of Georges Dorignac’s art during the 1911-1914’s. Those works were noticed by critics and many circles of amateurs like André Salomon or Guillaume Apollinaire. At the height of his talent, Georges Dorignac began in 1912 and 1913, just before the First World War, to exhibit those black drawings in the galleries Durand-Ruel, Georges Chéron, Marcel Bernheim and at the Salons in Paris. The unusual composition of this sheet highlights the very personal art of the draughtsman, concentrating especially on the sculptural dimensions of his graphic work, stunning sheets that emphasize the volumes as if the drawing had been carved into a black stone.

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