Armand Seguin

The largest print by Armand Seguin, and certainly one of the most impressive ones. As far as we know, we
record only four impressions, to which we can add the present one.
‐ A copy from the Roderic O’Conor sale (1956), bought by Pierre Fabius, sold by us to a Private
collection, France (in March 2007)
‐ A copy from the Josefowitz collection, sold by us to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (in
January 2007)
‐ A copy in a Private collection, France
‐ A copy in a Private collection, Switzerland.
Richard Field only recorded one impression in 1980, but at the time Samuel Josefowitz did not have his
copies yet. The Barc de Bouteville catalogue mentioned a printing at ten copies. One copy, the one in a
private collection in Europe, has an inscription that can be read as “Camaret”, a place in the far West of
Brittany where many Pont‐Aven artists used to stay, and that is renowned for its strong Atlantic winds.
Seguin might have been there trying to depict the violence of a storm in that region.
The present impression is in very good condition, unlike the two ones sold in 2007 and the one in a Private
collection in Switzerland, all with foxes and minor stains. Seguin did not take great care of papers, and often
the impressions are in an average conservation state or even less, but not more. This impression is a very
fine one and shows a dark and intense ink all over the plate.

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