Charles Lacoste

This pleasing work was painted by Charles Lacoste on a bright autumnal day in November 1893, on which the sun radiated off the facades of a narrow street in the historic centre of Bordeaux. Born in Gironde, Lacoste lived in Bordeaux until the end of the 1890’s. Whilst his oeuvre reveals a fondness for flatness … Continue reading « Charles Lacoste »

Jean Delville

This spectacular work by Jean Delville is a preliminary drawing for one of his monumental decorative panels at the renowned Palais de Justice in Brussels. Influenced by Joséphin Péladan in his belief that the mission of the arts must be to spread esoteric precepts among the masses, Delville promoted monumental art in public spaces, founding … Continue reading « Jean Delville »

Aristide Maillol

A rare and extremely fine early twentieth century lifetime bronze model, this sculpture was edited by Ambroise Vollard and cast in bronze using the sand casting technique at the Florentin Godard foundry in Paris. Maillol’s first figurative sculptures were carved from wood. This Standing Bather dates from around 1898 and the original wood carving is … Continue reading « Aristide Maillol »

Adolfo Wildt

This splendid marble is among Adolfo Wildt’s most iconic works. The Italian sculptor, whose style is so profoundly personal and genuine that it resists classification, remained indifferent to the concerns of the avant-gardes or schools of his time. Born in Milan in 1868, Wildt was considered one of the last great symbolists. His training started … Continue reading « Adolfo Wildt »

Eugène Carrière

Drawings by Eugène Carrière are rare on the market. They reveal an intimate aspect of his work along with his talent for creating powerful, whilst extremely simplified compositions, focused on the female silhouette and feminine presence. Carrière is well known for his representations of Maternité and was greatly inspired by his wife and family. Madame … Continue reading « Eugène Carrière »

Luc Olivier Merson

Early on in his artistic training, Merson developed a great taste for colour and mystical compositions. In this case, the subject of his drawing is far from mystical, however. The sheet is focused on the sleeping face of a young adolescent, surrounded by bounteous layers of draped fabric. Hiding part of his face, the folds … Continue reading « Luc Olivier Merson »

Odilon Redon

This is a very fine impression of the 1st state, called the “black state” to distinguish it from the second. Redon lightened and reworked this extensively, scraping-back and employing liquid tusche on the horse’s wing, probably in 1891, around three years later. Along with the Spider and the Tree, the present composition Pégase Captif is … Continue reading « Odilon Redon »

Alexander Munro

A rare and unique original plaster cast, served as the preparatory model for the marble medallion depicting Lady Trevelyan still in his original place today, in the central hall of Wallington House. Furthermore, Lady Trevelyan, the woman elegantly portrayed by Munro here, is a key personality of the Pre-Raphaelite circle. She was the wife of … Continue reading « Alexander Munro »