TEFAF Maastricht is widely regarded as the world’s premier fair for fine art, antiques and design. Featuring over 275 prestigious dealers from 20 countries, TEFAF Maastricht is a showcase for the finest art works currently on the market. Alongside the traditional areas of Old Master paintings, antiques and classical antiquities that cover approximately half of … Continue reading “TEFAF MAASTRICHT”

Willem Steelink Jr.

Beautiful impression of this rare and elegant subject: Young woman with binoculars. Born into an artist family, Willem Steelink Jr. is associated with the Laren School. He initially focused on portraits, genre scenes and historical paintings, and then dedicated his work to landscapes, and the rural life. Fascinated by the shepherds ‘life, this etching shows … Continue reading “Willem Steelink Jr.”

Felix Labisse

One of the most powerful portraits painted by Félix Labisse. This work combines Labisse life-long passion for theatre, and his unique artistic vision. While he was not a member of the Surrealist group that formed around André Breton, his work clearly occupies a place in the world of surrealism. Fantastical, disturbing and populated by hybrid … Continue reading “Felix Labisse”


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Maurice Langaskens

The Knight is a noteworthy example of the Pre-Raphaelite influence on other artistic movements such as Symbolism and Art Nouveau, and on one of its representative artists in early 20th century Belgium. Both movements inherited the Pre-Raphaelite’s favorite subjects – biblical and medieval themes, poetry and the woman’s staging – as well as its plastic features … Continue reading “Maurice Langaskens”

Jean Delville

This spectacular work by Jean Delville is a preliminary drawing for one of his monumental decorative panels at the renowned Palais de Justice in Brussels. Influenced by Joséphin Péladan in his belief that the mission of the arts must be to spread esoteric precepts among the masses, Delville promoted monumental art in public spaces, founding … Continue reading “Jean Delville”

Aristide Maillol

A rare and extremely fine early twentieth century lifetime bronze model, this sculpture was edited by Ambroise Vollard and cast in bronze using the sand casting technique at the Florentin Godard foundry in Paris. Maillol’s first figurative sculptures were carved from wood. This Standing Bather dates from around 1898 and the original wood carving is … Continue reading “Aristide Maillol”

Adolfo Wildt

This splendid marble is among Adolfo Wildt’s most iconic works. The Italian sculptor, whose style is so profoundly personal and genuine that it resists classification, remained indifferent to the concerns of the avant-gardes or schools of his time. Born in Milan in 1868, Wildt was considered one of the last great symbolists. His training started … Continue reading “Adolfo Wildt”

Eugène Carrière

Drawings by Eugène Carrière are rare on the market. They reveal an intimate aspect of his work along with his talent for creating powerful, whilst extremely simplified compositions, focused on the female silhouette and feminine presence. Carrière is well known for his representations of Maternité and was greatly inspired by his wife and family. Madame … Continue reading “Eugène Carrière”