Benjamin Ulmann

This beautiful watercolor by Benjamin Ulmann, still in pristine condition, is a smaller version of a large oil on canvas (154x89cm) that the artist had just made in 1878 and was bought by the French State at the Salon for the Musée Guéret. At this time, Benjamin Ulmann was an acclaimed and institutionalized painter: he … Continue reading “Benjamin Ulmann”

George Le Brun

It is always a rare moment when a work by George Le Brun appears on the market. The artist is one of these confidential symbolist masters who died young and who left behind a small number of works, strongly looked after by collectors and curators worldwide. Le Brun is known as “Le Peintre des Fagnes”, … Continue reading “George Le Brun”

Fernand Khnopff

The present sheet is a delightful composition and study by Fernand Khnopff for his forthcoming illustrations of the L’Idée de Justice by Henri Carton de Wiart and to be published only later, in 1909. This opus was the only large one to be intended as a planche hors-texte, unlike the other fifteen little vignettes he … Continue reading “Fernand Khnopff”

Charles-Victor Guilloux

Beautiful and symbolist oil on paper by Charles Guilloux, which faithfully abides to the name of “painter of light” awarded to the artist. It is one of the best examples of the artist’s prowess to render luminous atmospheres with a remarkable economy of means and limited to one shade of color. From 1892, he limited … Continue reading “Charles-Victor Guilloux”

George Minne

The present Small Kneeling Youth is certainly the best marble copy ever made of this famous and key step in the history of sculpture, at the end of the 19th century. On top of that, the provenance is by far one of the best for a piece of Art Nouveau and Wiener Werkstätte: Adolphe Stoclet … Continue reading “George Minne”

Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpãna

Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpãna was born in Piteşti (Romania) in 1886 into an ethnically German family. In 1904 he went to Berlin to attend the Royal Academy of Arts, studying under Erich Hancke, Arthur Kampf and Anton von Werner. At this time, he was influenced by German expressionism as well as impressionism and the Wiener Secession. As … Continue reading “Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpãna”

Paul Iribe

Paul Iribe, a graphic designer and satirical illustrator, has influenced both top-end fashion designers as well as the public’s opinion in times of political disenchantment. Satire, simplicity and aesthetic design can best describe his oeuvre, which illustrates the fiascos of the French politics, the distress of WWI and the elegant flamboyance of the following années folles.   Inspired … Continue reading “Paul Iribe”

Georges Dorignac

An impressive red and black chalk figure of the newly reappraised Georges Dorignac. This monumental drawing is one of the key figure of Dorignac’s work from 1911-1914. The gypsy-like aspect of this head may have been inspired by the Spanish painters and friends of Dorignac at La Ruche, a city of artists in Paris, where … Continue reading “Georges Dorignac”

Victor Marie Hugo

A superb and rare example of Victor Hugo inner and romantic projections and worlds put in drawings. The present sheet dates from his most creative period, between 1850 and 1859. At this time, his method became a real “alchemy”: Hugo added to his ink powdered charcoal, coal, soot, even ground coffee, that he rubs, scrapes … Continue reading “Victor Marie Hugo”

Hermann Wöhler

Hermann Wöhler work is one the best rediscoveries made from the German art of the 1920’s. Die Sonne is part of the virtual series Der Paraklet. Sieben Bilder aus den Tagen des Retters un zum Gedächtnis an den frühe Heimgegangenen [The Paraclete. Seven images from the Days of the Saviours to the memory of the … Continue reading “Hermann Wöhler”

TEFAF Maastricht

MECC, FORUM 100 (stand 716) 6229 GT Maastricht. More information to come…  

Realism to Symbolism

A selection of 19th century paintings, sculptures and drawings, presented at our gallery. A chance to admire master works in Brussels, from French early plein air landscapes to German symbolism.

Paul Cézanne

This remarkable and rare oil-study of trees was made by Cézanne during his last years in the countryside of Aix-en-Provence, a few kilometres from the Montagne Sainte-Victoire. He was then living in seclusion from the art world, painting and living out his days in the familiarity of his area. Among all the topics approached by … Continue reading “Paul Cézanne”

George Morren

This work is the most spectacular and most celebrated of George Morren’s neo-impressionist oeuvre. The piece is equally among the greatest specimens of the pointillism movement in Belgium in the early 1890’s. In his early twenties, Morren presented this work at his first salon, which was organized in Antwerp by the Association pour l’Art in … Continue reading “George Morren”

Alphonse-Henri Périn

Born in Reims in 1798, Alphonse Périn studied in Paris in the atelier of Pierre-Narcisse Guérin, where he met in 1817 his life-long best companion, the painter Victor Orsel. During this period, Périn dedicated himself to the genre of historical landscapes, notably close to the master Jean-Victor Bertin, himself a former pupil of Pierre-Henri Valenciennes. … Continue reading “Alphonse-Henri Périn”

Prints & Drawings

Selection of Fine Prints & Drawings 35 East 67th Street, New York (2nd floor) Opening Day: October 23, 11am – 8pm Exhibition: October 24-26, 11 am – 6pm Thurday & Friday, open until 8pm

Gustav Klimt

This stunning work, dating from the earliest time of Gustav Klimt’s career, depicts an elderly gentleman wearing a white frilled neck ruff seen from behind in part profile. It is in fact a modello or preparatory sketch for a figure in his Theatre of Shakespeare on the ceiling of the Burgtheater in Vienna. However, the … Continue reading “Gustav Klimt”